Casino & Gambling Movies

Admit it, you always fantasized gambling because you’ve grown up watching your favorite celebrities do the same with an unparalleled class in the movies. We always tend to have an unknown attraction towards because they show us the easy ways to get rich. Though some are based on true events others are just fiction but they leave a worthwhile impression on our minds.  Here are the top 10 gambling movies of all time that you should watch time and again.



Casino – As soon as this movie released in 1995, it left the audience spellbound with its classic sincity based store of two mobsters in Las Vegas, one of whom seeks a reputed life and career in gambling and another self-obsessed and stuffed with greed. Directed by the all-time favorite Martin Sarcose, this movie was played by Robert De Niro, Sharone Stone and Joe Pesci.

Rounders – Just after it premier in the 1998, this 121 minute movie broke the cinema with it thrilling story. The plot of this movie is based on a man who reattempts to play poker to help a friend pay-off the money owed by him to the rude bankers. The cast of the movie includes John Dahl and Matt Damon as the leading actors and Gretchen Mol as the female artist.

The Sting – This movie directed by George Roy Hill takes the world of gambling to a whole new level and brings up a conman in Chicago city who seeks out the revenge for the death of his love. Though a little vintage In its approach but worth spending 129 minutes in a good way. The actors include Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Charles Durning.

Ocean’s Eleven – This movie brings out the thoughts of thievery on the dish as it tells us the story of a bunch of professional robbers who plan to rob three casinos based in Las Vegas at the same time. The leading star cast includes Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Matt Damon.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story – The movie is based o the life of a Poker player named Stu Ungar and premiered worldwide in 2003. This movie was widely acclaimed after its premier. Directed by A.W. Vidmer and played by Al Bernstein

The Cincinnati Kid – This old movie dates back to the year of 1965 when everyone wanted to have easy money and revolves around a poker player whose aim is to have a reputation in the world of gambling and win a poker legend.

Maverick – The story of a gambler who tries to stockpile the bankroll for a forthcoming poker tournament. The story plays with the audience and keeps them entertained. Directed by Richard Donner and played by Mel Gibson.

21 – This legendary movie deserves a three time watch as it tells us the story of 6 graduates who’ve mastered the art of car and table games theoretically and are all set to turn the tables in Las Vegas.

Owning Mahowny – 9th on our list, this movie had us everytime we wtched it. This movie shares the story of a bank manger who is also a gambling addict and who when finds out a personal account with huge stashes of cash in it and rowdily fritters it.

A big hand for the Little Lady – This vintage movie still rolls better than some of the new-age movies with it story that revolves around a gambler who plays big hands that he cannot afford to pay.