Casinos in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the church for gamblers. Every person in his American dream sees himself tossing the dice and putting it all on red and every person needs a casino to gamble. So here’s run down on the best casinos in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. The best casinos obviously come with hospitality services and if you try a little hard and book the rooms from the casino directly, you can find a great room for your holiday stay.

English: The Mint Casino in Las Vegas

The Mint Casino in Las Vegas 

The Venetian – Size-wise this casino is the largest on the Las Vegas Strip with a spread of over 240,000 sq ft. including the Palazzo. No doubt the plush casino is extravagant when it comes to gambling.  You can also reserve a table exclusively for you in this legendary casino. Book Now

Wynn Las Vegas – Though smaller in size from the Venetian but yet larger in gambling. The Encore Casino is one of the most premium casinos in the world, Period. It knows your needs and directly aims to satisfy them in the very first attempt. Book Now

Mandalay Bay – The Las Vegas strip consists of one more casino that makes sure you live an uber cool life and enjoy the celebrity status. This 160000 Sq ft. casino is the one true king of luxury. Book Now.

Bellagio – With the most iconic water showers on its front that mesmerize you even before entering, this Mecca  of almost 160000 sq ft.  has the services that entertain you all through your Las Vegas Trip. The casino is one of the most heart-melting place you ever visited.

Santa Fe Station – If size does matter than this one is the fifth-largest casino on the Las Vegas Strip with a whooping span of over 156,000 sq.ft. A huge place with an immense gambling experience and what not in the name of god.

MGM Grand – Who knows you might find Jennifer Lopez chilling out here, or Beyonce on an award ceremony. MGM I Grand is one of those star-studded hotels that endeavor to deliver the best casino games and bonuses in the world.

South Point – We’ve earmarked this casino as the seventh largest casino on the Nevada Strip. The casinos here has every kind of mouth-watering stakes available for gamblers. This casino is 151000 sq ft. in area.

ARIA – You seldom find a place on earth that is as posh as this upper-structure which is over 150000 sq.ft in area and is widely known as the eighth largest casino in the world. Book now through casino and you’ll get a once in a life time deal.

Orleans – Why Orleans? Because this is the 9th largest casino and as far as its size is concerned, it measures around 137,000 sq. ft. which is like 2 football ground summed up together.

Green Valley Ranch – Though the smallest but yet the most tropic. The name is actually quite suggestive of its the Mediterranean style hospitality. If you’ve come to Las Vegas for just gambling, this is the place you’ve always been looking for.