Casinos in the UK
Deutsch: Frontansicht des Berner Casinos

Frontansicht des Berner Casinos 

Travelling sometimes makes you find a lot of things. If you’re a traveler cum gambler who is set to voyage the United Kingdom then it’s a good deal to check out the casinos in the country. We’ve organized a list of casinos in the Great Britain. We’ve listed the percentage of wins based on the stakes wagered.

Scotland Casinos

If we sum up the total of wagers that were placed in all the casinos in Scotland in the month of April 2014, we’d get a colossal sum of 208,285,209 pounds. As far as the winnings are concerned the amounts of these winnings go to as high as 34,676,882 pounds. So, should you do a little math, you’ll find out the winnings of nearly 15% in these 15 casinos.

North of England Casinos

Wagers placed all the casinos in the North in the month of April 2014 constitute an amount of 728,501,168 pounds. Can you imagine a sum this high? Well, you’ll be surprise to know that the total of house win equates to 15.2% in this case which takes us to the sum of 110,993,884 pounds. The winning are more because of more casinos as there are 44 casinos in this zone.

Midlands and Wales

Computing the wagers placed in this part of United Kingdom in the month of April 2014 we get an amount close to 602,947,467 pounds. If we relate to the house winnings that 33 casinos in this zone contributed to we’ll again get a strange percentage of 15.2% which takes us to an estimated number of 92,595,705.


An amount of 456,255,633 has been wagered at 29 casinos in the south. The winnings from these wagerings is counted as 71,269,272 pounds which makes the house winning percentage rise from 15.2% In other zones to 15.6% in the south.

High End London Casinos

It’ll take us a few fortnights to count this much money. The high end casinos in London usually trap rich fishes and this is why their wagering in the month of April 2014 is 2,620,718,506 and the winnings are 276,240,385 which is 10.5 % of the amount wagered regardless of the fact that there are only 6 high-end casinos in London, one of which is Crockfords of Mayfair.

London Casinos

The highest wagering in the United Kingdom belongs to the other casinos in London. The shocking amount of 2,368,814,276 pounds. The winnings though are higher than those of the high-end casinos at a figure of 366,585,181 which makes the house winning percentage rise upto 15.5%. There are 20 casinos in the London area exclusive of the high-end casinos. The best voted casino in London is The Hippodrome Casino.