Scratchcard Games


You were never so wrong in your life if you always thought that only slot, table and poker games can let you gamble and win huge stashes of money. To set aside the ordinary we’ve brought you a list of top 10 casino scratch card games that bring down the ordinary with their advanced graphics, one of its kind design, thrilling fx and the simplifies power of easy access via internet.

The list that we’ve prepared includes the best scratchcard casino games that have been intentionally produced to deliver long term presets and high payout percentages so that these machines can prove that they are better than standard machines on every ground.

Hand to Hand Combat – An online version of the game you usually played the most in your childhood, yes rock, paper or scissors. The game is simple you have to play the same with the machine and if you win you receive the award. The game has an amusing concept and the highest RTP of 96.75%. It also constitutes a Reveal All Button option to support the fast action of some players.

Space Evader Gold – With a vaguely low RTP of 96.66%, get ready to roll the prizes into your basket. The concept of game is simple; you get 5 rolls to find your way up the ladder. The last prize that passes is your winning. This game has a first-class character of winnings.

Six Shooter Looter –Just because this game has a high RTP of 96.66%, it doesn’t mean that you can win on every ticket you use. The theme is a Cowboy theme with some simple steps, you get 5 rolls and you try to move up the ladder by avoiding the danger. The generosity and the colors of this game will bind you with the game for hours.


Crypt Crusade Gold – Though this game has more of a morbid name, yet its scrath cards are actually worth the money. Assuming that you successfully start with a number of spins and move along the board avoiding the danger spots carefully, you can take the benefit of its high RTP of 96.66% and win huge prices every now and then.


Lucky Numbers – A simple interface that will appeal to every Jack or Cody, the game high multiplier of 8888 times of your stake and an expected long term RTP of some 96.57%, which essentially could prove dreadfully lucrative in support of you!


Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey – Though the name has the word Bogus in it yet the game is originally affiliated as it features the funny characters form the movie Bill and Ted who offer  you upto 2500 times of your stake amount and plenty of other gratuities to be won. So get ready to schedule your time because you’ll more likely need one as this game has a high RTP of 96.5%