Top 10 Casinos in the World

The world map has so many huge casinos, if we started to pinpoint each and every one of them we’d run out of pins. Holiday Hotspots like Macau and Las Vegas are densely stuffed with the world’s best casinos and lounges. If you’re planning to visit one of these places in some time near future then certify that you have the right information about the casinos that can make your gambling experience more definitive. Here are the top 10 casinos in the world.

Borgata Hotel Casinos – Located in the Atlantic City with a gaming zone of nearly 161,000 sq. ft. You’ll find so many slot machines here that they would pass Eiffel tower if kept on straight on each other.  You’ll find the best presidential suites in this hotel that’ll always sustain you to go gamble and come back with more money. The number of card and table games is 285 (inclusive of piker tables).

Macao Hotel Lisboa 葡京酒店

Macao Hotel Lisboa 

Casino Lisboa – As the name suggests, the casino is situated in Lisbon, Portugal. It has an area spread of over 165,000 sq. ft. and 1000 gaming machines. 7 Bars that’ll never let you feel the thirst of martinis and 1000 hotel rooms that’ll make spend all your riches.

MGM Grand Las Vegas – The micro Hollywood casino intends to play with your fantasies and give you a reason for a regular visit. This gigantic gaming floor is so big that it is easy to get lost somewhere along its 2300 machines piled up in an area of 170,000 sq. ft. and 170 card and table games. For your thrist, there are 20 premium bars to make you feel good.

Sands Macau – Located in Macau, this large casino is spread to 229,000 square feet. The best thing about this casino is its 750 advanced gaming machines that don’t fall short of entertaining you in any way. Including paper tables, the number card and table games are 1000. There are 51 rooms to accommodate your special needs.

MGM Grand Macao – The glamorous casino is not only limited to Las Vegas. You can find the finest casino brand in Macau as well. It celebrates your winnings in an area of 222,000 sq. ft. which is really enough to enjoy a great gambling experience.

Tusk Rio Casino Resort – Did you ever imagine that a giant casino with an area of 266,000 sq. ft. in Klerksdrop, South Africa would be you next gambling stop? Well, if you didn’t then get yourself over to the 5th largest casino in the world.

Ponte 16 Resort – Yet another listing from the city of gambling, Macau. The casino here has a gaming floor of over 270,000 sq. ft. , 320 gaming machines, 150 card and table games, 3 bars and 423 rooms.

Foxwoods Resort Casino – Situated in Ledyard, Conn. This humungous casino has everything to offer right at its fingertips.  Around 7000 machines here are spread on its 340,000 sq. ft. area.

City of Dreams Resort – The casino is located in Macaa,China and is widespread  to an area of 420,000 sq. ft.. It consists of 1350 machines on its gaming floor and has total of 520 table games.